Improving Our Approach End of Life Care

Improving quality of end of life care has been a local priority since 2008.  In 2008 all Practice teams attended a three-day multi-disciplinary Quality Improvement Skills for Primary Care (QUSIP) course and following this areas for improvement were identified including:   

  • Use of palliative care registers;
  • Pro-active care co-ordination; and
  • Multi-agency care planning.

A Palliative Care Partnership group was convened to oversee the design and implementation of a new integrated care pathway (ICP).  The programme included locality-wide educational meetings to address issues around effective care planning and topics such as the Mental Capacity Act.  An annual audit of place and cause of death was developed (2007-present) and rolled out across all Practices and comparative data was fed back to practice teams annually detailing use of ICP interventions (2009-11).  A GP lead undertook a series of palliative care quality visits (2010-12) with individual primary healthcare teams to review and provided feedback about the implementation of the ICP.

Independent research was commissioned to evaluate the pathway using Realistic Evaluation methodology.  A PhD student and Northumbria University research team worked closely with the GP lead ensuring cyclical feedback of PhD study results to support implementation of the ICP.

The results of the project were showcased at the BMJ (British Medical Journal) Conference in 2013 and a copy of the poster presentation can be viewed below.

Resources and minutes from the Palliative Care Partnership can be found at -

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